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Passionate & Determined, Billa Camp is a recording artist that fears no boundaries when it comes to musical genres. Born in New York, Billa was naturally influenced by Hip Hop culture and the artistic spirit of Harlem. Relocating to the South Side of Chicago in his early teens proved to be beneficial in the creation of his own style. Mixing his East Coast influences with Chicago’s and the rest of the World’s. 


Prior to forming The Dread and collaborating with Lowdown Brass Band, Billa Camp wrote, produced, and toured with his former band, Treologic. Billa’s vocals and production are featured in the video game Watch Dogs and on ABC’s television show Black Box (Episode 2 - Sweet Little Lies). As a solo artist, Billa’s also been featured on Fuse TV, opened for N.E.R.D, Wiz Khalifa, Pac Div, Del the Funky Homosapien and many more.

Billa perceives every opportunity as a chance to truly fulfill his musical journey.


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Brian Zimmerman


Down Beat

Featured MC Billa Camp flexes some serious lyrical muscle, with a silky delivery that filters poetic themes through colloquial language. Part of that is a product of his influences. Though based in Chicago, his work clearly

has been informed by legends of East Coast hip-hop, especially Nas and Q-Tip. Meanwhile,

The Dread contributes a gritty, hard-bitten refrain to “Ghost Town,” a song that sports the melody of The Specials’ classic.

Combining the poetic ferocity of Billa Camp with stellar vocal harmonies, adventurous improvisation, movement, and grooves, LDB creates an infectious and diverse sound that has something for every listener. 

LowDown Breaks is a record that highlights the adaptability of bass and drum bands. The genre’s use of beats and breaks provides a funky foundation for Billa Camp’s smooth flow on tracks such as “Grind it Out” and particularly “Cold Shoulder,” which is my pick for the best track on Low Down Breaks. Billa Camp’s flow is also on-point on “Can I Kick It?,” a track where the horns and drums combine with a guitar riff to ‘sample’ Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side,” right down to the brassy interpretation of Reed’s backing singers – the Colored Girls.

With the release of their fifth self-produced studio album Lowdown Breaks arriving January 19th, Lowdown Brass Band has continued to build upon their hip-hop, ska and jazz styles under their newest single, “Ghost Town". Lead by Billa Camp with illustrious wordplay, keen lyricism and intricate arrangements, “Ghost Town,” exemplifies LDB’s music through groovy brass hip-hop with a unique alloy of genres that is indulgently entertaining to hear.

What began as a Chicago collaboration between Lowdown Brass Band and Chicago hip-hop punk set, The Dread,” has grown into one of LDB’s biggest songs of 2017, aligning perfectly with the 2018 release of their new LP. With a commanding tempo ripe with roaring horns, long brass and robust beats, the song contrasts perfectly with Billa Camps flourishing vocals and profound individuality.

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